Bluetooth Speakers French Bulldog Art Bluetooth Speakers, Portable Bluetooth Speakers, Suitable for Mobile Phones, Laptop, Tablets, TV Bluetooth Speakers (Large, White :12.99/13.18/7.36in)

$66.25 $66.25

  • 1: Bluetooth speakers It is made of high density polymer soft resin, directly modeling, reducing resonance and echo, and restoring real sound effect, And the Bluetooth speakers head can be rotated 180 degrees.
  • 2: Bluetooth speakers The shell is made of high density polymer soft resin material with high moisture resistance and corrosion resistance.
  • 3: Bluetooth speakers Bluetooth is connected to wireless music player. It supports Android system, IOS system, iPad, various audio players, tablet computers, and notebook computers with Bluetooth function.
  • 4: 5W full frequency hi fi horn Bluetooth speakers,Two dog speakers can be connected at the same time, and it will be automatically set to two channels. The music effect is better, and there will be more pleasant listening enjoyment.
  • 5: 1200mah large capacity rechargeable battery, medium volume can continuously play music for 3-5 hours.
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